Edible garden design

• A garden to feed your body as well as your soul.
• Site-specific design to incorporate your individual needs.
• Individually tailored to suit your budget and your space.

Stone seating

• Sit down on a beautiful stone seat to enjoy your garden
• Share your garden with family & friends
• Offers an inviting space for reflection

Stone steps

• Are inviting, beautiful and functional
• Bring people into the garden
• Make your garden spaces accessible

Pillars and pergolas

• Support your climbing plants such as beans and zucchinis to ‘grow up’
• Allow climbing plants to produce more fruit ~ flowers are exposed to more sunlight and readily attract bees for pollination
• Are a beautiful visual feature within the garden (and some double as cubby-houses too!)

Garden walls

• Act as structural retaining walls
• Bring heat to the garden, encouraging plants to flourish
• Use local rock to provide a sense of care and beauty
• Are naturally eye-catching to add space and depth to the garden


• Support creatures that keep the garden healthy, frogs etc
• Create important habitat for many species and encourage diversity of natural eco-systems
• Offer a sense of peace, stillness and invitation

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